l look out the window and i see a multitude of stray girls who need someone , not a boyfriend , not a husband but a pair of eyes to see them for what they truly are which is not humans , female sex creatures but as hearts in the flesh , walking bundles of beautiful emotions all wrapped up in a vessel that often look like steel but it’s only a safety coat  as we men have turned to something a tad bit more than cannibalism and this is the savage blood-sucking , chest ripping , tear dropping and horrific practice of objectification  , this alone has created more problems than anything ever fathomed to both man and beyond .

Thought a woman being a minority in society she is the little ball on your ball point pen , the terminals on the battery , the tip of the brush , the handle on the door , the sugar in the cake , the pastry of the pie , the note of the song ,  the grain of salt in the sea , the ray of ultraviolet ray of light to the solar power plant  , the color of the black font on the white paper , the chocolate in the wrapper , the fire in the open bush , the heart that never stops beating …. if you’re reading this till this part it means that you might be the difference between a beautiful lady smiling to her doom and smiling to the edification of herself .

As a man , one must NEVER see a woman as an object of any caliber even a human ! ….a woman is a walking , warm fuzzy heart that is pumping a smile so contagious even I smiled writing this … No matter how big of a booty/buttocks she might have or even boobs/breasts i urge you to never , i repeat NEVER focus on them of course you can notice but when you look at a woman never look at her look in her … look at the soul and you will find out that there’s more than meets the eye , no matter how much she drinks , smokes or have intercourse inside of her there is a heart beating with purity , love and joy ………. The more woman you look into the more persuasive you are to yourself being that one guy that will dress her rather than undress her … women are not objects , they are hearts fragile and at the same time critical , any mistake and she will stop a beat and go astray , so go walk , run ,  fly towards the first female heart you see and look at it …. Be there for it , Protect that Heart

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